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chandan chakraborty

I am Chandan Chakraborty, a Computer Science Engineer with 8 years of experience in the IT industry. Throughout my career, I have gained expertise in various roles, including WordPress Developer, PHP Backend Developer, and currently, I am working as a Full Stack Developer.

My technical skills encompass a wide range of technologies, including Python, PHP, Machine Learning, React Native, Ionic, ReactJS, HTML, Laravel, Scrapy, and Chrome Extension development. I also have hands-on experience with CI/CD pipeline setup using Docker and Jenkins, along with a solid understanding of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

With my diverse background and extensive knowledge, I have successfully delivered numerous projects, leveraging my strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. I thrive in dynamic environments and enjoy taking on new challenges to continuously expand my skill set.

I am passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends and advancements in the IT industry. I am always eager to learn and implement emerging technologies to deliver innovative and efficient solutions. I strongly believe in the power of teamwork and effective communication, as they are crucial for driving successful project outcomes.

If you would like to connect and discuss potential collaborations or opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me through LinkedIn. I am open to exploring new ventures and contributing my expertise to impactful projects.